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Don't Fear The Dentist

by Rene Jacobs

If you feel a little nervous about an up and coming visit to the dentist that you have scheduled, that's actually normal. However, if you have more of an extreme fear of anxiety over it, then you may want to consider trying some of the advice in this article to help you to get past it, so your visit is a more positive one.

Understand you are in control

Really put some thought into understanding that you are the one in control. Even when you are in the dentist's chair, it is up to you to agree to anything and you have the power to stop anything. If you go into your appointment with this frame of mind, it should take a lot of the stress off of you. Once you get in the chair and hear everything the dentist says, more than likely they will only help set your mind more at ease once they explain the procedure and how they will be handling pain control, if there will even be any pain involved.

Don't drink caffeine

You should stay away from caffeine the day before, and the day of, your dental appointment. Caffeine can make you more jittery and nervous than normal. When you are already dealing with anxieties over your appointment the last thing you want to do is to add to it by drinking a caffeinated drink.

 Take a friend with you

You may find that going to your dental appointment with a friend can help you to feel better. While you are in the waiting room, you will have then there with you to serve as a good distraction. You do want to be sure you have someone go with you who is good about calming you down and not someone who has their own issues with stress and dentists.

Drink some chamomile tea before your appointment

Chamomile tea is good for helping to relax you and you can use this to feel less stress on the day of your dental appointment. You can bring a little in a thermos so you can even sip it while you are waiting to go back to see the dentist. The smell of lavender can also help, so you may want to try spraying some lavender fragrance on your clothing as well.

These tips will help you to stress less about your dental appointment. Just remember, most people have a fear of the dentist over unsubstantiated things and you are more than likely stressing yourself out over nothing. For more information, talk to a dentist like Frizzell Dental Baby Dentistry.