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3 Oral Health Benefits Of Oil Pulling

by Rene Jacobs

Oil pulling is an old Indian practice that helps improve oral health. During a session of oil pulling, a patient places a spoonful of oil in his or her mouth and moves it about the oral cavity in the same manner that he or she would normally move conventional mouthwash. As the oil moves around the mouth, oral bacteria become trapped in the liquid. After swishing with the oil for about 20 minutes, the patient releases the bacteria-filled oil into a trash receptacle. The dental patient then rinses his or her mouth thoroughly with water and brushes his or her teeth with the usual toothpaste.

There are multiple oral health benefits associated with oil pulling. Here are a few of them:

Oil pulling can lessen halitosis.

People who oil pull regularly usually enjoy better breath. Halitosis is often caused by volatile sulfur compounds that are produced by anaerobic bacteria. Although many of these bacteria reside on the tongue, they can still be removed through oil pulling.

Liquid oil can reach deep into the crevices of the tongue and in other tight spaces in the mouth, where a toothbrush and dental floss normally are unable to reach. As anaerobic bacteria are trapped and removed from the mouth, the breath is fresher.

Oil pulling can help lessen the incidence of tooth decay.

By oil pulling regularly, a patient can help control the bacteria in his or her mouth. Some bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, are directly related to tooth decay. As bacteria feed on leftover food particles or debris in the mouth, acid is released. The acid is excreted as a byproduct of glycolysis.

Since acid has a demineralizing effect on teeth enamel, the enamel that is exposed to the acid becomes weaker and more susceptible to decay.

Oil pulling can make the teeth whiter.

As a person oil pulls, the oil reaches deep into the pores of the teeth, where absorbed pigments and stains may be present that cause the teeth to take on a yellow appearance. As the oil dissolves the stains, they are released from the pores of the teeth, so the teeth look whiter.

To learn more about oil pulling and how it may be able to benefit you, schedule a consultation with a dentist from a clinic like Ottawa Street Dental. He or she can prescribe additional measures other than brushing and flossing that you can utilize to improve your oral health.