Why Tooth Care is So Important Even When They're Healthy

Top Questions You May Have Before Getting A Set Of Dentures

by Rene Jacobs

Are your teeth in less than stellar shape? Are you wondering if dentures are really the best option for you? If you're hesitant to seriously consider dentures because of questions you have, the following questions and answers should help ease your mind before you head to your nearest denture clinic:

Will everyone know that you're wearing dentures? With custom dentures made just for you, you'll feel better and improve your looks without anyone needing to know why. Dentures will eliminate the sunken look of your lower face and can also help to smooth out the wrinkles around your mouth. Modern denture adhesives will hold your new teeth firmly in place, so that you don't have to worry about them accidentally making an appearance when you eat or talk. People may comment on your new, youthful looks, but you don't have to tell them the source of the change unless you want to. 

If a tooth is accidentally knocked loose, can you simply glue it back in? Although it may look easy to repair, a do-it-yourself repair job can actually cause more damage than the original problem. The glue may not hold as firmly as claimed or the tooth may be crooked even though it looks straight. If the tooth you glue back in ends up being crooked, it could ruin the bite of your dentures and create wear in the wrong places. It could also put a strain on the other teeth and cause them to fracture. A professional can repair your broken denture easily, helping you avoid having to buy new dentures after your efforts to fix it yourself were unsuccessful. 

Will a set of dentures require further work? Just as a new car will eventually require things like oil changes, tire rotations and new air filters, your new dentures will also benefit from regular maintenance. For example, as you use your dentures, the lining could start to wear away due to friction. The denture clinic can do a reline by adding base material so that the area more closely matches your mouth. This will prevent slipping, or loose dentures. Relining may also be needed if your gum ridges and jaw bone start to shrink or recede. In addition, if you have inadvertently bitten down on something hard, like a forgotten bone in chicken salad, you may want to have your dentures examined for microscopic cracks. Otherwise invisible cracks could widen later, necessitating potentially costly repairs.

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