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3 Questions To Ask About Choosing No-Prep Venners For Your Teenager That Is Recovering From Bulimia

by Rene Jacobs

If your teenager has battled bulimia and has been in recovery long enough that relapse is less of a concern, no-prep veneers are often an ideal way to disguise the damage and disfigurement caused by excessive purging. It is important to remember that if the enamel on their teeth has already been significantly compromised, he or she may need additional dental treatment to repair the problem.

In order to return full function of their teeth and provide them with the healthy smile they should have, it may also be necessary to combine the use of veneers with dental crowns and implants for severe problems or tooth loss.

What Are The Differences Between Veneers After Preparation Of The Tooth And No-Prep Veneers?

It is often surprising to learn that when veneers were first used, in the 1980s, they were designed to be provided without preparing the teeth in any way. Today, it is more common to roughen them up a bit, reducing the amount of enamel in them, in order to create a surface that will secure the new veneers.

Unfortunately, the purging that occurs from bulimia is known to damage the enamel, so reducing it further is rarely a good idea. Instead, the option of a gentler adhesive is used to attach the new veneers.

Using that adhesive means that it's often possible to avoid the following ways of preparing for veneers:

  • Reducing the length of the teeth so that they all match

  • Rounding the reduced teeth

  • Shortening other edges

What Should You Expect From The No-prep Veneers In The Future?

Therefore, many people that already have diminished enamel will benefit from receiving veneers that do not require any permanent alterations to their teeth. It is important to point out that all veneers are a permanent addition to their smile and as a result, may need to be improved or maintained in the future.

In addition, if your teenager were to relapse in the future, they could damage the teeth even more and could even damage their veneers. The dentist or prosthodontist is likely to suggest a thorough cleaning prior to starting the dental work and, for maximum results, may also suggest fortifying their teeth with fluoride in order to strengthen them.

What If Some Teeth Are Damaged So Badly That Veneers Are Not Appropriate?

If the results of acid erosion has severely compromised the integrity of some of their teeth, it may be necessary to combine no-prep veneers with other options for a perfect smile. One common example is the extraction of diseased teeth and the use of dental implants as replacements. Another is the use of crowns or bridges.

In conclusion, no-prep dental veneers can restore the smile of your teenager when bulimia has robbed them of the intact and healthy smile that they deserve. Alone or used in conjunction with other restorative dental care, it can help them feel better about their smile and restore functionality of their teeth. Contact a dental care provider, such as Bonnie Doon Dental Associates, as soon as possible to start the healing process.