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Living With Dentures: 9 Foods To Eat And Avoid

by Rene Jacobs

Your dentures need to be replaced every four to five years. To help ensure your dentures go the distance, it is important that you eat the right foods. Here are some of the best and worst foods for your dentures. 

  1. Coffee and tea. Both beverages contain caffeine which can cause dry mouths in large quantities. Dry mouth can cause irritation while wearing your dentures. Keep your coffee and tea drinking to moderate levels to avoid discomfort.
  2. Fruits and vegetables. Even though fruits and vegetables are good for your overall health, they can be difficult on your dentures due to their texture. To help avoid damaging your dentures, slice these foods into thin slices or chop them up before eating.
  3. Red meats. The extra chewing that is needed to eat red meats can wear down your dentures over time. Opt for poultry and fish instead. If you do consume red meat, stew or slow cook it first.
  4. Popcorn. One of the most painful experiences you can have while wearing dentures is to get popcorn wedged between your gums and teeth. Instead of going through this discomfort, try eating puffy veggie crisps.
  5. Whole grain breads. Even though these are good for you, they can be a nuisance because they will stick to your teeth. To minimize the stickiness factor, consume lots of water or other liquids while eating. 
  6. Peanut butter. Regardless of whether or not you wear dentures, peanut butter can stick to your teeth. The difference is it is easier to get peanut butter off natural teeth. Instead of dealing with the stickiness, try switching to hummus.
  7. Hot liquids. Any hot liquid that you consume can affect the effectiveness of your denture adhesive. If you do consume hot liquids, try not to keep it in your mouth for too long.
  8. Sticky candy. If you love sticky candy, you might find eating them with your dentures to be a challenge. Not only do they stick to your teeth, but they can displace them. Swap your favorite sticky candies out for sugar-free gum to avoid this.
  9. Seeded foods. Foods with seeds, such as sesame seed buns, can lead to discomfort when the seeds get wedged under your dentures. Replace seeded foods for the non-seeded versions to save yourself the pain.

Talk to your denturist or places like Amery Denture Centres Implants about other foods you should and should not eat. In the first few weeks after getting new dentures, this is especially important as you get used to your new teeth.